College Tuition and other needs: Help this student


My name is Samantha I’m 22 years old, I’m currently a full time college student I’m enrolled in medical transcriptioning and I work a full time job as well, in the past couple of months I’ve experienced the hardest time of my life, the car I used to have broke down and I had to get rid of it and I’m trying to get a new one but i have no credit or any money to do that and the car I am trying to get is $4,500 plus the tags and insurance for it, I lost my job 1 week ago for coming forward and telling my supervisor(the owner a daughter) that my boss (the owner) sexually assaulted and sexually harassed me and she got mad told me I was harassing her and was trying to get money from him and explained the situation 5 times and was still shunned so she fired me and yes it is a family owned business and there was no one else above her. I also have outstanding college tuition, medical &dental bills that are overdue and I just need some help to get back on my feet.
Samantha D.”

Send money via paypal to her email:

Retired Man Was Scammed: He had to get out of retirement

Name: Richard L Lancaster


“Need help desperately. I have been scammed out of $245000. I had to come out of retirement but it is not enough to buy food and pay bills. I also stand to be evicted from my apartment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Help Richard if you can.


In Dire Needs of Money: Here is Doug’s Story


My name is Doug Oliver.

I’m in dire need of money to make it through the month.

I’m on social security but unfortunately I didn’t get any money.

The reason for this is because I was working last year and my employer
didn’t send my pay stubs like they were supposed to so I could have my
earnings record to show for it.

With that being said, they took a month of pay from me.

I’m needing at least $1000 to make it through the month, so I can make
it to get groceries, pay rent, and everything to my roommates.

If anyone can help me, you can pay pal money to me. My email address for
pay pal is:

Please find it in your hearts to help, and I’ll be forever grateful.


If you can’t do $1000, I can take any amount anyone is wanting to give.

But as I’ve stated above,

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Help this single mother of 3

Name: whitney


Comment: hey im whitney! im a single mom of 3 beautiful kids who recently enrolled in college full time. I just left my exfiance to move back to my moms house to get out of an abusive relationship. ive been critisized for my teeth my whole life. they are horrible! to the point where kids at my sons school talk about me and one kid told my son he cant be friends with him cuz his mom has dirty teeth. its embarassing. and i have such bad pains from abcesses that keep reoccuring and sensitivity. i can not afford to get them pulled on my own and do not have ins any and all help is greatly appreciated. thank you so much

Dani’s Heart-wrenching Story: Too Many Medical Bills

A convincing story that will make you reach into your pockets to help.

“Hello, my name is Danielle. I’ve tried this kind of thing before in the past. I was contacted by a very kind woman who wanted to know my situation and help me anyway she could. I had decided (at the time) it was probably best that I try to fix things on my own. However, after unfortunate events and months of progress, I find myself standing in stress-ville, yet again. I’m a very determined young lady who happened to been born with poor health and can’t seem to stay out of the hospitals. Despite my bad health, I do have a good heart. I tend to consider others before myself. Hence, I cannot ask for any specific amounts, please know anything and all donations will help me and be greatly appreciated. I’m 23yrs old and due to my circumstances I’ve found myself upwards of $6,000 in medical bills.

Alright, long story time.
Ever since I could remember, I’ve never had the health of my fellow classmates nor younger sisters. I had my first episode of unknown pains in 2nd grade; where I looked like a fool, crying, during story time when everyone was quiet. I was immediately sent to the school nurse. After the pains died down, I was sent home and forced to miss the rest of that week from school. Probably because I scared a lot of my classmates and my teacher.
Over the course of my life, I’ve had to under go multiple surgeries, procedures, been on all types of medications, seen all sorts of doctors and specialist. I was a regular at my hospital by the time I was 12.
That’s not even the complicated part. I’ve been to tons of doctors, who can’t seem to help. I’ve been given answers that they don’t know or it’ll be okay, we’ll take things one step at a time. When I was 16, I was bedridden and barely graduated because I was often unable to attend school. It’s been very hard. I’ve molted all of my skin before from head to toe. On the flip side, I gain scales and sores for a whole year. I was told my jaw was broken, not by physical damage but the tendon holding it together withered away. I’ve been vitamin B12, D, Iron deficient multiple times. Told my red blood cell count and white blood cell counts were dangerously low. I had a benign lump removed because it could become cancerous. I had hair loss (possibly because of stress.) I was told I couldn’t eat certain things and had to have a very strict diet. My immune system was crappy. Even though years has passed since the incident of the 2nd grade, I CONTINUE to be plagued with pains and the fear that comes daily knowing I might have to miss work or worst become bedridden again and miss this life I’ve worked so hard for.
Over the course of the years, one of my doctors finally diagnosed me with GERD. Also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease. Later, when I was 20 or so another doctor said that wasn’t the case. How he wasn’t sure what’s causing my problems but I don’t have GERD. I took a step forward only to be at rock bottom again. It made since because I never had heartburn a day in my life. Thank goodness I don’t have to deal with that too. Knock on wood!
After the realization with both doctors. I started taking my life into my own hands. I try my hardest to stay out of the hospitals. After I turned 18, I had to start paying for my own medical bills. By the time I was 21, I was in tons of debt only for 2 doctors to completely contradict each other and be stuck with no answer for my crummy health. I’m thankful and blessed for my mom, who is a single parent of 3. She did this and supported me for my whole life. I had no idea medical bills could be so much yet she would never let me miss an appointment and is always able to afford whatever medication I need.
Understanding that my health may never be perfect, I’ve learned to live with a lot of the pain and problems that come my way. I deal with them by staying optimistic and working hard. I’m 23yrs old, I have a job, something I thought I was never going to have when I was 16. I have the cutest dog! I have hobbies.I hope to attend college someday. I have a life and friends. For these things I am truly happy. Being happy was a battle but I’m here now. Being sick was also a battle but I’m here now! I feel like I’ve came a long way. I’m proud and thankful for this life I have.
I’m hear asking for donations because I’m at a point where I cannot afford my doctor appointments, lab test or medications. As much as I try to stay away from hospitals now, I still have medical problems that require immediate or professional attention. Last May I was just in the ER. That’s another bill, I have to pay now. If I could have avoided going, I would’ve. I’m also still vitamin D and Iron deficient. I have to take a 30k unit Vit D pill, along with 2k daily and 1.5k of Iron everyday and vitamins aren’t covered by insurance. At least not by mine. If you want to add me to yours, please let me know! Jk
If you’ve read all of this. Thank you so much. I appreciate the time you’ve took out of your day. Any donations are a bonus. If you’ll like to donate, please follow the link at the bottom of this post. Just as I get pains periodically, I know they will go away. It may just take sometime. It’s the same with my medical bills. Long as I’m working hard, I can being to fix things slowly but surely. Thank you all again!
Dani Taylor~

Financial Hardship in Zimbabwe: In Dire Needs of Medical Assistance

The loss of a job can lead to a cascade or caravan of hardship and tribulations.  Read this brief story.

“I am begging for help from anyone out there to assist me pay medical
bills for my mother. She is a sufferer of osteoporosis. Time and again
she has to buy her medication and visit a physiotherapist. I was the
one responsible for paying the bills but recently i lost my job due to
economic conditions in our country. We are from Zimbabwe. Without a
stable job I am failing to pay her bills and her health is getting
worse. I am appealing to anyone out there who can help. I am looking
at a figure around $900 but even a dollar will go a long way.”

Prescious Marufu  marufu

Show Angela you Care. Asperger’s and other disabilities will not keep her down

Show Angela you care.  Assist her in paying some of her bills.  Here is her story.

“I am 51 and disabled and while I get SSDI for my disability it covers my rent but not much left. I have ADHD and Aspberger’s. I have always lived with family and they have made me depended on them. I had to fight with my mother and sister to even move out on my own. I haven’t been able to find a job yet and the money I had saved is almost gone. I am asking for donation to help me out. I am still looking for work but haven’t found anything yet.

Really need help to pay my bills so I don’t fall to far behind any amount you can give would be much appreciated.

you can donate here

or Send a donation to my paypal account”