Help Rebecca cross the Atlantic Ocean…for Love

Rebecca found the love of her life but she needs money to live with him.  Help this couple out.  Here is Rebecca’s email:

“Hello there, I’m really hoping that you can help please.

I am absolutely delighted to report that I have, accidentally, found true love, finally! His name is Mike and he is the love of my life but….he is a US citizen and I’m a UK citizen. I hate saying it but we met on Instagram.

Until now, I very naively never thought that an ocean would keep me away from my fiancé but alas, the Atlantic Ocean has succeeded! I’ve travelled back and forth from the States a few times this year but it has eaten up all of my life savings (along with all of the assets I had). We are now looking to make the next move which is getting a visa for myself but due to our very low incomes, we cannot afford it. After sifting through our finances repeatedly, we are still £3000 short for the expected expenses for the next 12 months.

I am politely asking for donations towards our future so we can be together and work hard towards our future. All we want is everything that other couples see as ‘normal’ such as living in the same house, working hard to pay for our present and future lives and settling down with, hopefully, a house full of children, love and happiness.

Unfortunately, all I can offer in return is our eternal gratitude and the knowledge of knowing that we are kind, thoughtful people who believe in ‘paying it forward’, therefore, we do and always will dedicate our free time towards helping others.

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards,