Woman Escaped Toxic, Narcissistic Marriage after 21 years


Find a way to help this lady.  Read her story below.
“My situation is dire at the moment. I was in a Narcissistic marriage for 21 years, and after a Psych Hospital, decided to get a divorce at age 41.
I am trying to find work, and having no experience I find it difficult. I want funding to start my own company if someone is willing to help. Start up cost wont be that much, but any money anyone can offer will be very much appreciated at the moment because I am struggling.
I couldn’t stay in a abusive marriage just for financial gain. Please can you open your hearts. I have a Paypal account ….deidresharpley@gmail.com or you can write to me, then I will tell you more about me. I am willing to work for the money as well.
I need a job and income. Anybody willing to help me relocate, I will work for the money. Just need a chance in life.
Yours sincerely
Deidre Sharpley”