College Tuition and other needs: Help this student


My name is Samantha I’m 22 years old, I’m currently a full time college student I’m enrolled in medical transcriptioning and I work a full time job as well, in the past couple of months I’ve experienced the hardest time of my life, the car I used to have broke down and I had to get rid of it and I’m trying to get a new one but i have no credit or any money to do that and the car I am trying to get is $4,500┬áplus the tags and insurance for it, I lost my job 1 week ago for coming forward and telling my supervisor(the owner a daughter) that my boss (the owner) sexually assaulted and sexually harassed me and she got mad told me I was harassing her and was trying to get money from him and explained the situation 5 times and was still shunned so she fired me and yes it is a family owned business and there was no one else above her. I also have outstanding college tuition, medical &dental bills that are overdue and I just need some help to get back on my feet.
Samantha D.”

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